AAA Video Editor

Create videos with a few taps. Trim, crop, merge, add captions and effects in browser for free and without registration.

1. Add footage

Without registration, without downloading and installing programs add footage to the page to launch "AAA Video Editor" online app.

The video editor uses own browser technologies to work with the most common types of media files. It allows you to start assembling videos without waiting for the end of tedious uploads. And our servers will recognize and prepare the rest of the files for editing and creating videos using your browser.

"AAA Video Editor" understands all common and not so common file types - mp4, mov, avi, mkv, mp3, flac, aac, jpeg, png, tiff, heif, hevc and many others.

2. Edit video

The simple interface will provide great opportunities for your imagination and creativity:

  • Use the timeline to assemble and organize your video.
  • Trim and cut your videos and music to highlight the most interesting moments.
  • Crop unwanted edges of footage.
  • Merge clips together with and without transitions.
  • Add various effects: blur, dance to music and many others.

3. Download created video

Click the big green button to download the final video. "AAA Video Editor" will not add a watermark and will not will restrict the download and distribution of the created video. Enjoy!