AAA Video Editor

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Video Editor

AAA Video Editor - Vertical Video Editor:

  • The file below will appear in the frame after the files are out.
  • The right file overlaps the left file in the frame.

To launch the video editor, simply add your media files: photo, video, music, text.


All added files will be on the appropriate layers - main, background, music and text: layer names are not restrictive, just for convenience.

Drag and drop files to set the order: phone, tablet - press, hold, drag.

The files on the layer are automatically lined up one after the other. To set a specific position for a file: turn on the pin (magnet) mode at the top of the file and drag the file to the desired location.

Drag and drop files onto the background layer or add a beautiful background from the extensive collection.

Trim Layers

By default, the generated video has the longest possible duration of all layers.

Layers can be automatically compressed or stretched to the selected layer - click on the circle under the desired layer, click again to cancel.

  • Stretch or compress the duration of photos and text.
  • Photos and text will not have a duration less than the minimum duration.
  • Photos and text will no longer stretch or shrink if a specific duration has been set slider at the bottom of the file.


To compose files in a frame, use the "frame" area.

To select a frame, click anywhere on the file, layer, filter, or timeline.

  • Highlight the frame position in the generated video.
  • Drag the selected file to any position on the file. Tap, hold, drag - on a touchscreen phone/tablet.
  • File size changes.
  • Rotate the area the file occupies.
  • Skew the file in the selected area.
  • How to fit a file into the selected area.
  • Click to enter crop mode, then move sliders with icon for cropping video and photo edges.
  • Text editing.


Files can be set the effect of the appearance, disappearance, rise and fall of sound:

Move the and sliders to set the duration of the respective effects.

Click on the slider twice and in the dialog that appears, you can specify the duration of the effects manually, as well as select the effect of appearance/disappearance.


Double clicking on the file will open a menu where:

  • Play video/music from selected moment.
  • Add spot for a file.
  • Make a copy of the file.
  • Delete file.

Trim video and music

Trim video and music using the corresponding sliders at the top and bottom of the file, or enter the start and end times manually in the corresponding fields next to the sliders.

Press the or button to start playback - in playback mode, click on the file anywhere to start playback from the selected point.

Photo and text duration

Drag the slider at the bottom of the photo and text to set the desired duration. Press the magnet button to return to automatic duration.

Min Duration

By default, photo and text durations are shrunk or stretched, but can't have a duration less than the "Minimum Duration" value.


Set multiple points if you want the file to move, resize, rotate, etc.

Double-click on the file in the desired location and in the menu that appears, select "add point" .

After adding several points, click on each point in turn and move, rotate, etc. frame file - the parameter value will change smoothly between the points.

Drag the dots: in the case of a phone or tablet, press, hold, drag.

To edit point parameters manually, click on a point and change the value in the table, where:

  • Current spot.
  • Deleting a point.
  • Value is set.
  • Default value/calculated.


Filters are applied to a separate file or to the entire video being created.

To add a filter, double-click on the file or on the "Filters" layer and select from the menu that appears add a filter .

The duration of the filter is set by dragging the slider at the bottom of the filter.

To remove a filter, double-click on the filter and select Remove Filter from the menu that appears.

To edit the filter parameters, click on one of the filter points , where:


Add points to filters to smoothly change filter parameters from point to point: double-click on the added filter and in the menu that appears, select add point .

Points can be dragged: on a phone, tablet or touch screen - press, hold, drag.

To edit a point, double-click on the point, where in the dialog that appears:

  • Selected point.
  • Delete a spot.
  • The field contains the specified value.
  • Field contains a default/calculated value.